The material we can machine are listed below:


● Improved corrosion resistance over 7075
● General purpose aluminum with Medium strength
● Good formability, weldability
● Containes magnesium and silicon
Electronic hardware, prototypes, aircraft fittings, camera lens mounts, couplings, marines fittings and hardware
7075● Higher strength over Aluminum 6061
● Good fatigue strength
Gears and shafts, fuse parts, meter shafts and gears, missile parts, regulating valve parts, worm gears, keys, aircraft, aerospace and defense applications; bike frames
Brass260● Good corrosion resistance
● Resistant to most chemicals
Electronic hardware and contacts, fittings, commercial products, Aerospace
CopperC101● Oxygen-free electrical copper
● High electrical conductivity
● Good corrosion resistance in most environments
● Weak against acids, halogens sulphides and ammonia solutions
Electrical contacts, general engineering, automotive, domestic appliances
PlasticsPeek● Excellent dimensional stability, good impact strength
● Stiffness an minimum levels of creep, better impact resistance
● Excellent machinability
Test sockets, switches, connectors
PVC● Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
● Good flame resistance
● Low cost
Used for everything, from construction profiles to medical devices, from roofing membranes to credit cards, from children’s toys to pipes for water and gas
Nylon6/6● General purpose Nylon
● Fair flame resistance and good machining
Insulators, bearings
Alloy Steel4041● Good toughness and strength
● Direct hardening and heat treatable
● Harder than CR 1018
Higher stress applications needing the strength of an alloy
Steel1018● Plain low carbon steel
● Good formability and weldability
● Case harden only
Rivets and parts requiring strong welds
1137● Higher carbon, higher strength
● Direct hardening
Higher stress applications, gears, shafts, studs
Stainless Steel304● Most commonly used stainless steel
● Low carbon
● Better weldability and formability
Household and industrial applications: screws, machinery parts, car headers, food-handling equipment,
316● Increased corrosion and chemical resistance over 304
● Increased resistance to cracking and pitting
Medical implants and surgical instruments, aerospace
17-4 PH● Higher magnetism than 304 and 316 stainless steel
● Oxidation and corrosion resistance
Medical, aerospace, applications needing corrosion resistance and hardness
TitaniumTi-6AI-4V ● Light-weight and high strength
● High temperature and corrosion resistance
Aircraft industry, jewelry, medical implants