October 2019: Fanuc oi-mf control system upgrade

On October 11, engineer from Fanuc’s San Francisco branch arrived at our production facility to help us with the Fanuc control system upgrade. One of our CNC machine control system is upgraded from Fanuc oi-mf D4G1-18 to Fanuc oi-mf D4G1-38.

After the system is upgraded, we can use the Program Transfer Tool software developed by Fanuc to drag and drop the NC program directly from the PC to the CF card inserted in the CNC controller, and then DNC NC programs from the CF card directly.

The new CNC control system greatly increases productivity, saves many finger-press-button works and DNC from CF card is also very stable than DNC from Ethernet, it also avoided to buy expensive Fanuc Data Server for DNC large NC program purpose.

For the CNC machines built early with old control system before version Fanuc oi-mf, the NC programs cannot be directly transferred from the PC to the CF card through the Ethernet network. It can only use Data Server, so Data Server is still useful for old CNC machines.

Equipped with new CNC machines, new upgraded system, and efficient machining capabilities, it makes SYD Precision an advantage when quoting new jobs for customers.